Film & Video

This stop motion movie is a retrospective on my life represented by the rock bands and their music that have influenced me from my teenage years through to today.

It starts in chronological order from when I was 13 with my first gig t-shirt through to my latest gig t-shirt this month. It also catalogues some of the music I was listening to through the years starting with LPs, then cassettes and finally CDs.

In my final year of study I will be exploring themes on the celebration of life and death. This film fits in nicely with this theme as it represents a celebration of my life so far through music which has always been a major influence on me. Rock has helped shape the person I am today through the rock (&) role models I have chosen, fellow rock fans I have chosen to socialise with and the types of rock clothes I have chosen to wear.

My love of rock music is a significant part of my identity and I have enjoyed creating this movie, looking back, reminiscing and reflecting on all of the groups I have had an appreciation for whilst growing up and the influences they have had on me. Not least of all I’m chuffed to bits that the t-shirts still fit – all 45 of them! To view this film please go to:

Holland Trip – Outreach work

For the past 3 weeks I have been trailing through 12 hours of video footage with residents of the homeless centre to come up with a video that represents their journey to Holland and linking this in with the photographs that they chose for their book.

This video was originally inspired by a wonderful film I watched entitled ‘Life in a day’ (details on research page) but at that time I didn’t know how I was going to create such a film.  Whilst working with the residents though, I was given the opportunity to work alongside them on a video about their lives and experiences whilst in Holland.  I feel very privileged that they allowed me to work with them and the reason for his, I guess, is that they have learnt to trust me over the months that I have visited them.

This has been one of the most difficult tasks I have ever had to do as it was technically challenging and I had to refer to notes given to us in the first year CompressingQuickTimeMovies and I had to overcome the logistics of limited time, facilities and working with different groups of youngsters.

The same residents didn’t attend the video sessions so I have had to back track on some tasks and there have been different ideas around what they wanted to include each time.  I have overcome this by allocating a different section to each resident to work on.

I am so pleased with the final version and all the hard work has paid of.  I am very proud of what the residents have achieved, both with their photography and video skills.

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