This blog is dedicated to my final year of study in my Digital Art & Design degree. In it I will be exploring the different themes on the ‘documents of life’. This is a broad subject area involving the emotional and physical objects of human existence. I am interested in the effect time has over these objects and particularly how material possessions reflect on the identity of an individual in life and in death.

There are social and cultural considerations to the documents of life which I wish to explore and the main theme in that area will be the celebration of life and death. People of different ages and cultures view life and death in different ways; the young take life for granted whereas the older generations are well aware of their mortality. How we see ourselves in life and the inevitability of death reflects on our characters and how we live or celebrate life. The way we deal with loss and suffering through death can vary greatly from a fear that represses life to a great sense of freedom and happiness. It is these emotions, cultures and actions that I wish to explore through my photography.

All artists are influenced by their experiences so it is not unusual to be able to gain some insight into their lives through analysis of their art. In this way art can be considered as an artist’s document of life; so continuing with the theme of life and death I have become increasingly drawn to examples where artists have represented life and death together in the same art piece. Prime examples of this are Warhol’s skull paintings, Klimt’s Death & Life painting and Schiele’s intriguing “Death and the maiden” all of which reflect a particular event personal to them or a personal view on life and death.

Exhibition Statement (2012)

‘Documents of Life’ by Tracy Vine

Beyond Entropy

Most of us fear our own death at some point and dealing with family sickness has caused me to confront my own issues relating to the state of mortality. This self-exploration has led me to focus my studio practice on the impermanence of the life of objects and places as they pass through time. In particular I am observing gradual change as systems and surroundings deteriorate, breaking down into a more disordered and chaotic existence.

My photography explores themes such as re-use and the impact of exterior forces like environmental conditions as the aim is to demonstrate to the viewer the inevitability of entropic change. By documenting the varying states of being, I am only capturing a moment. The future is open to interpretation as the fabric and form of the subject matter continues to change unerringly as it deteriorates through time.

Exhibition Interview regarding my work (2012)


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