The Journey

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With this set of photos I am taking a journey and observing the space between things.  I am focusing on the window frame and beyond and highlighting what is usually edited out or not looked at.  I am asking the viewer to think about the way we see and experience our everyday environments.

My intention with these photographs is to show them to the residents of the hostel and ask them to go on a journey and record their observations and thoughts through the use of photography and video.


Detritus (part 2)

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Whilst watching a carrier bag twirl round and round in a wind trap it made me think about the fact that once a carrier bag has served its purpose it is discarded and cannot be recycled.

My memory cast back to a film I had watched called ‘American Beauty’and the carrier bag scene which had me mesmerized at the time by the beauty of the clip.

In my work to date I have been studying themes regarding entropy and the breakdown of systems that are sometimes then put back together again to once again create stability.  I have decided to use this theme to make use of an item (in this case a carrier bag) which is often thrown away by creating the above into sculptures of beauty.

I created these pieces by letting the bag fall naturally, once I had crumpled it, onto the black cloth to see whether it formed a paritcular shape.  I would then pull the bag and maybe tear or rip it to develop the sculpture.  I was actually taking charge and determining how this piece would look which was a contrast to most of my other work.

Finally I would take a few photographs of the piece I had created and pick the best ones to display.

Beyond Reflection

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Following on from my written assignment comparing documentary photographers ‘William Eggleston’ and ‘Martin Parr’ I have decided to take a more detailed look into the study of people.

In this series I am capturing people’s thoughts through the use of the camera, trying to get as close as I can without the person knowing that im there. I am taking a snapshot of them transfixed on something for a few seconds before they come back to reality.